Mobile ultrasound draws protesters

Kiera Manion-Fischer

A large white RV with the words “Image Clear Ultrasound” written on its side, sits outside the Student Center every Monday.

This week it was greeted with student protesters.

Katie Troha, sophomore applied conflict management major, organized a protest against Pregnancy Solutions and Services, a faith-based organization in Akron.

The organization brings its mobile ultrasound unit, to campus from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. every Monday.

They offer free ultrasounds, pregnancy tests and information.

Troha said their information is not accurate. One example was how abortion can lead to breast cancer.

At first she was the only person standing next to the Pregnancy Solutions RV. She handed out flyers explaining myths about abortion to a girl coming out of the van and people passing by.

Donna Clark, outreach minister for Pregnancy Solutions and Services, said their goal is to give out accurate information, depending on what a student is interested in, whether it is pregnancy, adoption, abortion or spiritual matters.

“I share what I believe, she said. “I don’t want to offend anyone.”

She said even though she does not personally advocate abortion, she does not force her opinions on anyone.

After some time, Troha was joined by five other students.

They passed out flyers and Annie Stahl, freshman community health education major, held up a sign saying “Image Clear lies to women.”

“I’m hoping to let Image Clear Ultrasound know that we do not appreciate being lied to and misled,” Stahl said. –

— Kiera Manion-Fischer