A spot for vegans and meat-lovers

Jenna Gerling

One of the more well-known restaurants in Coventry, Tommy’s is a comfortable and laid-back eatery that caters to mostly vegetarians and vegans. But carnivores don’t need to fret – Tommy’s menu selections for meat-lovers are also highly recommended.

The only disappointment that may discourage anyone from eating there is the wait. The waiting area is more like a hallway than anything. But people who have eaten at Tommy’s before know the wait is worth it. Besides, the bookstore connected to the restaurant is a nice way to pass the time before you’re seated.

The diner is always full of chatty and interesting people. Many of Tommy’s regular customers’ works of art are displayed on the walls ready to be sold. In fact, that’s how a lot of the items on the menu got named – from the customers.

Tommy’s Restaurant

Where? Coventry, OH

Stater rating (out of five): ?????

The restaurant has quite a selection: spinach pies, falafel sandwiches, toasted cheese, corned and roast beef sandwiches, burgers, big and fresh salads – basically anything craveable. But the vegetarian selections are not something to be classified as dry, flavorless or grassy (for those who think vegetarians only eat leaves and grass).

The falafel sandwich (more specifically the “D.C.”) at Tommy’s is so flavorful and gooey with sesame sauce and cheese that it’s hard to think of it as health food, but it’s still nice to think you’re eating healthy. Cooked inside a pita, Muenster cheese is melted with sunflower seeds, green peppers and mushrooms, topped with alfalfa sprouts and doused with a creamy sesame sauce. Yum.

The milkshakes are incredible – moose tracks, mint chocolate chip and banana are only a taste of the numerous flavors. The honey and vanilla milkshake isn’t what you’d expect it to be. The sweet, strong taste of the flowery honey in your mouth makes it difficult to stop drinking.

The milkshakes only come in one size – large. They nearly fill the large tins and glass cups, which is nice because there’s always enough for a take-home cup for dessert.

If you can stomach the long lines, Tommy’s is perfect -├┐the food is great, and the restaurant won’t break the bank. Just make sure you come early.

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