Student media leaders announced, discuss goals

Emily Andrews

Looking ahead to the summer and next semester, the leaders of student media were chosen Wednesday.

Here’s what they had to say about their goals.

Daily Kent Stater

• Tim Magaw, summer editor, said he is going to work hard, especially on the Web site.

“I think we are going to try and tap into a set of students we’ve never had,” he said.

• Rachel Abbey, fall editor, said she wants to work on convergence, especially with TV2.

“Franklin Hall means we have to think of ourselves as one. Just working together and not competing. We are one news organization trying to get news out,” she said.

• Paul Schillig, summer sales manager, said, “My goal is to make this the largest summer ever for ad revenue. Last year, I was sales manager, and we were just a couple hundred dollars shy.”


• Kaitlyn Lionti, news director, said, “I want to work on continuing convergence with the Stater and find out TV2’s audience and work on targeting newscasts.”

• Paul Schillig, general manager said, “I am very excited about this position. It’s a great opportunity at a great time. With convergence next year, my goals are to increase ad revenue and to change up marketing and distribution for Portage County.”

Black Squirrel Radio

• Rory Geraghty, general manager, said, “The most exciting thing about next year is the move to Franklin Hall. We can put all our shows on Podcasts, and we will continue to increase promotions whether live shows or not. There is no limit to what we can do – the sky’s the limit.”

The Burr

• Jackie Mantey, fall editor, said, “I want to make The Burr a consistent place for students to finds news and entertainment by really stepping up our Web site.”

The student leaders for Artemis, Uhuru, Fusion and Luna Negra will be chosen Friday.

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