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Spring is in the clothes

With snow still flying in early April, it may seem like the only place to find spring is in the calendar.

Junior psychology major Danielle Petscher said she is used to associating April with warm weather, and many would likely agree. “I have a lot of spring clothes, but winter keeps dragging on,” she said.

Freshman integrated health studies major Caitlin Metelko said this spring’s cold weather frustrates her. “I’ve been wearing the same winter sweaters for so many months now,” she said.

Although the fashion conscious may begin feeling doomed to hibernate in scarves and turtlenecks until summer, all hope is not lost – there are ways to implement touches of the season into outfits, even when spring appears to be dragging its feet.

Fashion year-round

Some students have refused to let the cold hamper their spring styles. “Now that it’s spring, I like to be a bit more fashionable,” said sophomore advertising major Stacy Evans. “I’ll wear longer shirts and the tunic things people have been wearing,” she said.

Petscher said she wears sunglasses to accessorize. Senior fashion merchandising major Mary Beth Morris said she believes sunglasses can be worn year round.

Melina Musengo, future Kent State fashion merchandising major, said the cold weather upsets her. “I’m mad that I’m still wearing jeans right now,” she said. “I guess you can lighten things up by wearing brighter colors when you wear long sleeves. Lighter purses, too.”

Junior political science major Nicole Chaves said wearing camisoles, undershirts and cardigans is a way to add spring into one’s outfits.

Morris said she tries to accent her outfits with accessories in spring colors. “I try to brighten up my outfit as much as possible despite the fact that I’m wearing a sweater when I should be wearing a tank,” she said.

Out-dressing the elements

Morris said she is a fan of layering because wearing more than one layer keeps her warm. “I would definitely recommend skirts or dresses over a pair of skinny jeans,” she said. Morris said layering doesn’t work too well when the bottom layer is really bulky. “You could also layer a tank over an oxford or crew, or under a lacy sweater or wrap,” she said. Morris said her favorite item is a sundress over a turtleneck and jeans. “You still have the insulation of warmer clothes, but at the same time you have a springier feel,” she said.

Evans said she wants to go buy spring clothes and wear them, but in Ohio it isn’t possible. But Morris said students should shop for warmer clothes now. “When the weather gets nice, everyone will want them and it will be really hard to find anything,” she said.

Chaves and Petscher both said they wear lighter clothes when they go out at night. “I just want to look cute,” Chaves said.

Musengo said her biggest pet peeve is when people wear clothes that are not weather appropriate. “If you wear flip flops and there is still snow on the ground, then there is something wrong,” she said.

“I don’t think there’s any way to get around your feet being cold if you wear sandals, but they say beauty is pain,” Morris said.

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