USS senator directs Judicial Advocates program

Kiera Manion-Fischer

University affairs Senator Megan Sedello said she has two main responsibilities: selecting students for Undergraduate Student Senate committees and running the Judicial Advocates program.

“Each of the senators is responsible for serving on two university committees,” Sedello said.

Many of the committees function as advisory boards for various university policy areas, she said, and she is personally responsible for finding interested students to serve on about 20 different committees.

Sedello currently sits on the transportation advisory committee and the public safety advisory committee, which she said are liaisons between students and particular facets of the university.

Student judicial advocates are “mentors for students who go through Judicial Affairs,” Sedello said, and their responsibilities include explaining how cases will be run and alleviating students’ fears.

“It gets intimidating at times,” she said. “A lot of students don’t understand what they’re going through.”

Sedello said she tried to maintain a close relationship with the Judicial Advocates. She said she spoke to each student before an advocate was assigned.

Another one of Sedello’s accomplishments as senator was preventing the Hub from charging students for water and offering it to them for free.

Sedello said she has no regrets about her time as a senator.

“It was probably one of the best decisions I made here at Kent,” she said.

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