Allocations Committee disagrees about ACPB funding

Jackie Valley

Funding disagreements in ad hoc regarding the All Campus Programming Board led the Allocations Committee to postpone its discussion until next week.

“We’re just starting to talk around in circles,” said Della Marie Marshall, associate director of campus life, who also oversees the meetings.

At issue was the proposal Ross Miltner, executive director of the Undergraduate Student Senate, suggested at an Allocations Committee meeting two weeks ago.

Under the proposal, ACPB would receive $200,000 to fund four concert events — BlastOff!, Homecoming, FlashFest and one additional concert — rather than the 54 percent of the USS budget it currently receives for all programming. ACPB would have to request funding for smaller programs through the Allocations Committee.

In addition, ACPB would not be allowed to allocate its funding to other student organizations.

Sean Groves, business and finance senator, said the changes being discussed regarding ACPB in ad hoc are separate from the reorganization of ACPB, if the USS charter is approved by the student body and the Board of Trustees.

In a 5-2 vote, the committee supported the clause banning ACPB from allocating its funding to other student organizations.

However, committee members disagreed on the amount of funding ACPB should receive in order to plan quality concerts.

Groves said the proposed funding system will provide a “check and balance” for the programs ACPB organizes.

But Judy Ripple, Center for Student Involvement business manager who also oversees the meetings, said the proposal seems to give USS more authority.

“What you’re really proposing is ACPB gets a lump sum of money but cannot spend it until senate approval,” she said. “You’re tying their hands to be able to use that money.”

Shana Scott, president of ACPB, said the proposed funding is not enough because three concerts — BlastOff!, Homecoming and FlashFest — usually cost about $200,000.

Shanelle Smith, senior political science major and president of the Kent State NAACP, said she does not think giving ACPB a set amount of money will improve programming.

“I’m just afraid that we’re micromanaging ACPB,” Smith said. “They already don’t have enough money as it is.”

Committee members discussed either raising the monetary amount or agreeing on an appropriate percentage of the budget for ACPB, but no decisions were made.

The committee will revisit the issue at the Allocation Committee’s ad hoc meeting Friday after Groves reviews the suggestions made at the past several meetings.

Before ad hoc, the committee unanimously approved a $1,000 funding request by the Kent Student Sociological Collective for eight members to attend the North Central Conference in Chicago in April.

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