Dive-In movie delivers warm wintertime fun

Jeff Russ

Students filled the pool area at the student recreation and wellness center friday night for the second Dive-In. Over (number) students watched Stranger Than Fiction, starring Will Ferrell, while floating in innertubes and eating free popcorn. ELIZABETH M

Credit: John Proppe

Bikinis, flip-flops and swim trunks are not typically seen in the single digit temperatures of a Kent winter, but at Friday night’s Dive-In, this was the style.

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center hosted Stranger Than Fiction Friday night as part of its Dive-In movie event. The movie was shown on a large screen in the pool, while students crammed into the shallow end and floated in inner tubes.

Many students used the event as a way to escape the cold weather.

“Tonight was an awesome night to do a summer activity in the winter,” said Brandi Bowers, senior human development and family services major.

Sophomore advertising major Lindsay Yuhasz agreed.

“It’s really cold, and I don’t want to walk to a party,” Yuhasz said.

Freshman biochemistry major Cheryl McCullough said the pool’s water was the perfect temperature.

But not all students were here to swim.

“I’m not going in the pool – I’m here for the free food,” said Nate LaRiccia, junior communication studies major.

A taco bar was set up, hot pretzels spun in a machine and one man filled popcorn boxes all night.

Many students sacrificed their spot in the pool for the food because food wasn’t allowed in the water.

Jason Krogh, senior human development and family services major, said he loved the event and was glad he came.

“I think this is like the greatest thing this campus has ever done,” Krogh said.

While some came to swim, some came to beat the cold and some came for free food, Krogh had his own reason for coming.

“I’m really here for ladies in bikinis, my girlfriend won’t mind.”

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