Student health organization has new home, meet and greet

Joe Harrington

In response to student and faculty frustration about a location change, the Student Integrated Health Organization will hold a “Meet and Greet” at 7:30 p.m. today in the Read Room, Room 200, in White Hall.

Donald Bubenzer, department chairman of the Adult, Counseling, Health and Vocational Education counseling program, said the confusion happened when the SIHO moved its offices and advisors. Previously, SIHO had been a member of the College of Fine and Professional Arts before it joined the recently formed College of Education, Health and Human Services – which moved it from Taylor Hall to White Hall.

The event will attempt to end the confusion of both students and faculty members. Bubenzer and the SIHO’s new program director, Laura Buckeye, will speak at the meeting and welcome the students to the College of Education, Health and Human Services.

“The meet and greet is so students can get to know the faculty and so the faculty can get to know the students,” said Buckeye.

The meeting is open to all SIHO students and will include free refreshments.

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