Retention rates at KSU higher than last year

Kent State’s enrollment has decreased by 1.75 percent this semester — a .75 percent improvement from last semester.

Yesterday, official 15th Day statistics were released, which calculates enrollment for each semester. The statistics include part-time students, but those who deregister from classes or choose not to attend are not included.


Official 15th Day statistics for

Kent State show a decrease in enrollment throughout the past year and a half:

• Spring 2007 — 1.75 percent

Student head count: 31,754

• Fall 2006 — 2.50 percent

Student head count: 33,630

• Spring 2006 — 2.23 percent

Student head count: 32,321

“The decrease is less than previous years,” said Mike Sperko, Institutional Data and Information director. “It’s definitely a result of retention efforts and the efforts are starting to pay off.”

Sperko mentioned that with a university this size it is important to know movement.

“The numbers are locked in and now we are analyzing it,” he said. “We virtually look at every aspect of the data.”

Caroline Lautenbacher