Rape prevention isn’t just a female issue

Sarah Cockrell

Myth: Rape doesn’t happen very often. Fact: Rape is very common. A female is raped every two minutes.

A group at Kent State is working to dispel myths and provide facts to students, empowering them to make a difference.

One in Four, Inc. is a male peer education program that allows men to reach out to other men to prevent future rapes and teach them how to assist females who have been victimized. The group teaches men to be empathetic toward victims and to learn to change their own behaviors that could potentially cause problems.

One in every four college women will survive a rape or rape attempt. Rape is the most frequently committed crime in the United States, said Allison Bruce, One in Four, Inc. Kent Chapter president.

John D. Foubert, assistant professor of higher education at the William and Mary School of Education, developed the organization about two years ago.

One in Four, Inc., previously named NOMORE, is a national non-profit organization that has chapters at 29 universities across the United States, including Kent State.

Each year the group travels to high schools and colleges to do presentations where they provide information to male students about preventing rape.

“It’s a proactive way to talk to males without being negative,” Bruce said.

Myth: When a female says “no,” she really means “yes.” Fact: No means no.

The organization realizes that getting rid of these myths will be tough, but not impossible. The ultimate goal of the group is to eventually end rape.

One in Four, Inc. educates men about the causes of rape and provides them with the resources they need not to become a perpetrator.

According to the organization’s Web site, www.nomorerape.org, the group presents material to men as potential helpers and not as potential rapists.

Statistics show that 99 percent of the people who rape are men, according to the Web site.

This is why the group focuses on educating males. It is also the reason why most of its members are male.

Kent’s Chapter has about six regular members and encourages any interested males to join.

“We show you how to stand up for women who are being victimized.” Bruce said.

According to the Web site, 75 percent of “high risk” men who saw “The Men’s Program” reported lower likelihood of committing sexual assault.

Presentations are scheduled at Kent State for Feb. 15 and March 15 at 7 p.m. in the Governance Chambers of the Kent Student Center.

For more information or to request a presentation, contact Allison Bruce at [email protected]

Myth: Rape is a female problem. Fact: Rape is problem that affects everyone.

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