Letters to the Editor

History lesson needed for those who discuss the ‘American Dream’

Dear Editor,

Matt White (Jan. 16, “The American dream doesn’t include stealing”) argues that illegal immigrants are “stealing,” “cheating” and “invading” the country. In his mind, they deserve no part of the American Dream.

Yet, it is likely that his ancestors — and mine — were also uninvited immigrants. New England natives did not send a letter asking the Pilgrims to join them in the New World. The Shawnee did not ask colonial “immigrants” to settle the Ohio Valley. The Cherokees did not ask to be moved to Oklahoma by the “immigrants” who took their land in North Carolina. The Lakota Sioux did not ask railroads to cross their land, or homesteaders to put barbed wire fence on their hunting grounds and kill the buffalo.

The American Dream may have more to do with “invading” and “stealing” than we’d like to remember.

Frank Robinson


‘Stater’ stereotyping of rugby players was wrong and unprofessional

Dear Editor,

I would like to briefly respond to the Friday column by Ryan Szymczak on the negative influence of MTV’s reality shows.

I have no desire to debate the effects of this station’s programing on today’s youth.

I do have an issue with an unfortunate comparison that was drawn by the author that deals with the actions of the shows cast and the misleading stereotyped behavior of rugby players.

Szymczak stated: “But is it normal (outside of being plastered at the rugby house) to ask a stranger a few questions, and then dive in, tongue first, for a sloppy exchange?”

My question is, if any other organization other than the rugby team had been mentioned, would this comparison been allowed to make post? It is this poor judgment that does nothing to improve the stereotype that members of the rugby community have tried to dismiss. This university has both women’s and men’s programs that do not desire to be linked to such unprofessional behavior.

It is my hope that those at the Stater would show better character in dealing with these comparisons, should they arise again in the future.

Michael Vasinko

Senior Art Education & Integrated Language Arts, Rugby Player