The library

For those who don’t know, the library is that giant, 12-story building in the middle of campus.

As frightening as the library may seem to some college students, the staff there is used to the craziness of finals week and is willing to help anyone in need — even the first-timers.

“The library has found that finals week is a special time of the semester,” said Tom Warren, reference center manager for the library. “All of the hard work put forth by the students during the semester culminates in this week.”

Warren said the reference desk has reduced hours during finals week, but it has never been a problem for students.

Bob Gray, manager of library services, said the library is busiest Sunday through Tuesday, with the crowd decreasing toward the end of the week.

“There aren’t as many people the rest of the week because most have already taken their finals,” Gray said. “The week after finals you have some people coming in to finish last minute projects, because their professors gave them more time.”

Although finals week is stressful for most, Warren said it’s nice to see students become more adapt at using the library over the semester.

“It is interesting to track the growth of students during the course of the semesters, from being very reliant on services we offer to becoming fairly self-sufficient in finding needed resources,” Warren said. “Our job is just about complete if this is the case.”

Brittany Moseley