Updated Web browser may cause snags

Elise Franco

While university officials usually recommend downloading the latest software updates, they’re suggesting students wait on Microsoft’s newest version of Internet Explorer.

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 7 at the end of October. The new version is equipped with special security protection and easy to use navigation features.

While the updated browser may have many new features not offered by the old version, Gregory Perkowski, manager of systems administration for end user computing, suggests students hold off on downloading the program.

“Students need to be aware that Internet Explorer 7 may not work with some Web sites and applications,” he said. “Kent State is in the process of testing all of the applications we are responsible for. Where there is an issue, it will be addressed as soon as possible.”

Perkowski said the problems with the Kent State Web sites have to do with the version of the browser the site is looking for. Many of the applications not working with the new Internet Explorer only recognize browsers such as Internet Explorer 6, FireFox 1.0-1.5, Safari and Netscape.

Although, as of yesterday afternoon, patches were applied to FlashLine and Vista allowing them to work with the browser, he said students who use FlashMail or other Kent State Web sites on a regular basis should wait until all problems have been resolved.

“For situations that require a vendor to intervene, we’ve asked them to have all Internet Explorer 7 related issues resolved by Jan. 1, 2007,” Perkowski said. “For now, though, we are asking students to hold off installing IE7.”

He said it is important for students to realize the university is only asking students delay downloading the new browser, not disregard it completely.

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