Fashion School to open studio in New York City, offer variety

Allison Tomei

This spring will mark the second semester that students in the School of Fashion Design and Merchandising study in “The Big Apple.” However, these students have more to look forward to than their successors.

Today the School of Fashion Design and Merchandising will hold the grand opening ceremony for its New York City studio, equipped with sewing machines, long tables for cutting fabrics, lecture rooms and a computer lab, assistant professor William Hauck said.

“We can do three different types of teaching at the facility — larger lectures, small classes or hands-on activities,” he said.

Students participating in the program this spring will be the first group able to take advantage of the new facility. Last spring, students studied in rooms Kent State leased but did not own.

Hauck said a faculty member from Kent State will teach some classes. The rest of the teachers will be adjunct professors the school hired from New York City.

Students in the school have had the opportunity to travel to New York for three years, but this is only the second year they will stay the entire semester, he said.

“Before last spring, students would go for a 10-day tour, but now we have it so they can actually study there,” he said.

Hauck said the location of the studio is in the heart of the industry, making it easier for students to be exposed to professionals.

“They are going to get an opportunity in this industry they could not get in Kent,” he said.

Students may also do an internship there if they qualify, but if not, they can still network and try to secure future internships, Hauck said.

Jamie Trimmer, junior fashion merchandising major, said she’s looking forward to traveling to New York City next semester and possibly getting an internship.

“I’m just really excited to live in New York City,” she said. “I have an opportunity that others don’t.”

Trimmer said although she is looking forward to her classes and the new studio, she is most eager to shop.

“It’s the center of fashion — you have to shop!” she said.

Hauck said the department prefers students be in their junior year for the New York trip because they can get the most out of the experience, but students can go whenever they choose.

Last year about 27 students participated in the program. This year, Hauck said the number has reached 35 or 36.

Hauck said people in the fashion industry and students who studied in New York City last spring have been invited to attend the grand opening. Several Kent State faculty members, including President

Lester Lefton, will also be attending.

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