TV time with Bob: ‘Gilmore Girls’ still strong

Robert Taylor

“Gilmore Girls”

The CW, Tuesdays at 8 p.m.

What a pleasant surprise to find that “Gilmore Girls” has lost none of its trademark wit and wisdom as it enters its seventh season minus the creative power of series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino.

With her gone, most fans were worried that the show would lose everything that made it special, but it hasn’t. The dialogue is as quotable as ever, and bringing the classic triangle between Luke, Lorelei and Chris to the forefront of this season is an inspired way to keep viewers caring while the new writers work out whatever kinks there are behind-the scenes.

And there are kinks, if only a few. All of the characters seem to have lost the ability to walk this season. Almost every scene is two or three characters sitting and talking; sitting and talking in the kitchen; at the inn; in a racquetball court; in the diner. Yes, I love hearing the dialogue but hearing it while the camera and characters actually show some life would be nice as well.

Quibbles. “Gilmore Girls” continues to be the second-best show on network television (behind “Veronica Mars,” that show you refuse to watch) and it’s nice to know that producers have the viewers’ best interests at heart for once.

“Grey’s Anatomy”

ABC, Thursdays at 9 p.m.

Maybe it was the hours of marathons with the Season 2 boxed set, but I’ve found every plot development this season to be predictable and dull, and that’s when there is any plot development at all!

At this point you can tell precisely which patients will live and die from the moment they enter the hospital. Patient doesn’t look too sick? He’s a goner. Pregnant woman? There will be complications but she and the baby will be okay. Older person with significant other? They won’t die, but will be dead within a year or their entire lifestyle will be changed.

And talk about prolonged storytelling! Izzie isn’t back at the hospital yet. Yes, Meredith chose McDreamy but only after he told her that he was letting her go, ensuring at least three more episodes before they get together, which will be just in time for Addison to hook up with Alex (come on, you don’t see that coming?), which will make McDreamy completely jealous and he’ll start to mistreat Meredith blah blah . at least that’s my view.

I don’t know what happened. The show has lost much of its biting wit and now only wants to be a serious drama.

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