Always wear blue and gold

Kellie Brookhart

Any time you go to a sporting event, be sure you wear blue and gold. The effects of wearing blue and gold have a positive effect on the athletes at Kent State. The colors blue and gold will boost their morale. Therefore the quality of their performance will improve.

However, the rest of my advice is no more reliable than my own experiences.

Enjoy on-campus housing.

If you’re not a commuter, you have to do it at least your freshman and sophomore year. Never mind, you won’t understand the perks of living on campus until you’re an upperclassmen. But trust me, in two years, you’ll look back on your time in the dorms and recall how much fun you had running up and down the halls and being a complete goof.

You aren’t as cool as you think. Don’t worry about graduation. Go to class and enjoy your weekends because before you know it you’ll be sitting in the M.A.C. Center in your cap and gown, wondering where the past four years have gone.

Eat Hungry Howie’s every Wednesday. It’s Wacky Wednesday and you can get two large pizzas for $12.99.

Work out at the Rec.

Don’t dress in revealing clothes to every party. I promise you won’t meet a nice guy if you do.

Do your laundry.

Don’t waste your time skipping class. No matter what people say, you need to go to class to get good grades. You are paying close to $15,000 a year to be here.

Keep your movie stubs and concert tickets. Throw out your old syllabi.


If you’re an exploratory major, don’t feel like a loser. It’s one of largest majors on campus.

Go to the Black Squirrel Festival at least once during your college career.

Go to a fraternity party. Whether or not you’ll enjoy it is your own prerogative. Go, even if it’s just to say you’ve been to a party where people are packed in like sardines.

Eat plenty of Rosie’s. You’ll miss it dearly when you no longer have a meal plan.

When you finally move off campus, be sure to make friends with someone who has a meal plan. This way you won’t have to spend all your money on groceries. Plus you can finally get the Rosie’s that you’ve been craving all semester long.

When you turn 21, go to The Loft and take “The Grecian Urn.” It’s the most disgusting thing that your taste buds will ever encounter, but it’s a tradition and everyone does it.

Don’t give in to peer pressure.

Take care of yourself. You’re in your prime and in 20 years, you’ll look back on yourself and really see how sexy you were.




Stay in on a Friday night with the guys (or girls). You don’t have to spend every weekend getting smashed.


Take the PARTA bus somewhere farther than the campus loop. It can take you to Cleveland on the weekends for dirt cheap. Use these perks while you still can.

Respect your professors, even the ones who have a monotone voice, constantly lecture in class, hold you till the very last minute of class and then, on test day don’t even put the information that you spent four out of five weeks going over on the exam.

But trust me on the blue and gold.

Kellie Brookhart is a junior English major. This column was inspired by Mary Schmich’s “Always Wear Sunscreen.” Contact her at [email protected].