Plain White T’s are ready to hit it big

Madelyn Otcasek

So what does Tom Higgenson, lead singer of the band Plain White T’s, have to say about their new album?

“It’s awesome,” he laughed. “What do you think?”

Not only was Every Second Counts released this month, but Plain White T’s is also touring with Hawthorne Heights, Relient K, Emery and The Sleeping on this year’s Nintendo Fusion Tour, which stops in Cleveland Saturday.

Higgenson said the band is very excited to be back on tour, especially one as big as Nintendo Fusion.

“(It’s) thousands of kids that have to watch you,” he said.

Plain White T’s also played on Warped Tour this past summer, mostly on the Hurley stage, which featured other up-and-coming pop-punk acts hellogoodbye, Gym Class Heroes and The Academy Is.

The band also played several college shows before Nintendo Fusion. Higgenson said he prefers playing in middle-sized venues, because “in really small places, (sometimes) the sound is bad, and you get down about it,” he said. “(Playing) big venues, if you’re opening for someone, it kills your buzz.”

Higgenson also bragged about the band’s new album. “We’re the same Plain White T’s, but better,” he said.

The band members are happy with their first two albums, but “the writing is a lot better, and it sounds a little bit bigger and better,” he said.

One of his favorite songs on the album is “You and Me,” which he finds “very cool and very unique, kind of quirky.”

He also remarked that it had a retro feel from the 1950s or 1960s, which stems from his love of The Beatles.

“It becomes an obsession,” Higgenson said. “The things they do in songs and you’re like, how’d they think of that? It’s taking something complex and making it sound simple.”

Another highlight on the album is the acoustic ballad “Write You a Song,” which is intended to be a follow-up to previous ballad “A Lonely September” and the hit single “Hey There Delilah.”

“People are going to be looking for the next acoustic ballad,” Higgenson said.

The song getting the most airplay right now is the thundering anthem “Hate (I Really Don’t Like You),” about a relationship ending on bad terms.

Higgenson said he writes most of the songs.

“All the songs are inspired by life, the world around me,” he said.

He added that he usually writes alone, then brings whatever he penned to the band to work into songs.

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Nintendo Fusion Tour

Playing with Hawthorne Heights, Relient K, Plain White T’s, Emery, The Sleeping

Where? Lakewood Civic Auditorium

When? Saturday at 6 p.m.

How much? $18