Three Web sites worth visiting, worth your time

Meranda Watling


Who hasn’t gone on a date or attended a meeting that went just a little too long? While you listen to him drone on about his dog and how his mother never let him play with toy guns, you secretly wish your phone would ring and you’d have a reason to bail early.

Now, there’s no need to suffer through a bad date again. Next time, stop by to set up a distraction before heading out.

You set up a time to receive the call and even choose which call you want to receive – the boss desperate for your help at the office or the wacko cousin who wants money.

If you just want an ego boost, you can always choose the affirmation call, which basically just tells you how great you are. Set up multiple calls throughout the afternoon so everyone can see how your phone is “blowing up” and how popular you are.

Either way, if the date is going well, you can always choose to ignore the call. If it’s not – well, you have an easy out.


Remember in elementary school when you made a time capsule, buried it by a tree on the school grounds and planned to go back in a decade or so to see what was important then?

Chances are your letters and pictures have decomposed, and even if they haven’t, you’ve probably forgotten where they were.

But now with an e-mail address – one you plan to keep for awhile – and, you can send a letter to yourself that will arrive in the future. You don’t even have to dig it up. It’s delivered to your inbox on the date you specify.

So, if for example you’ve set the goal of being married by 25, set your 25th birthday as the date to receive a letter congratulating or admonishing yourself. If you’re going through a tough time or a particularly good time now, send yourself a letter that will arrive next year reminding you that “this too shall pass” or just how great everything was.


Want to know how to make the drinks you see celebrities downing? Or looking for a new drink to try?

Everything a wanna-be bartender needs to know is available at

One of the best features of this site, for college students at least, is the “In my bar” section. This section allows you to pick and choose what alcohol and other ingredients you have at your disposal, and it will tell you what drinks you can make and how. It’s a nice feature for those of us without well-stocked bars.

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