CampusWorks works for employers, confuses students

All student employees are required to use a new system if they want to work on campus.

With the exception of a few forms for students to fill out when they first work on campus, the entire employment process is online, said Ami Hollis, associate director of the Career Services Center.

Students previously used Career Services to fill out student appointment forms and turned them over to their employer for final processing. The process changed on Aug. 14 to CampusWorks – a system employers seem to like better, Hollis said.

“They feel like it’s easy to just log in and do all the hiring in one easy step,” she said.

But students are a little confused.

David Higgins, senior physics major and U.S. Postal Service employee, had mixed feelings about the employment process.

“The process seemed kind of silly because I was already working when I received the job offer for employment,” he said. “But I can understand its usefulness in terms of unifying the whole campus.”

Some students don’t understand the technicalities of the new procedure.

Katie Cush, a senior hospitality management major and Jazzman’s employee, said the CampusWorks system was redundant.

“I didn’t understand why both paper forms and online forms were necessary,” she said.

First-time users log onto using their FlashLine user information to sign a certification statement, Hollis said. The student also goes to the Career Services office to fill out preliminary paperwork.

Higgins said using the FlashLine user information makes the process more dynamic.

According to a flier distributed by Career Services, if the student has never worked on campus before, he or she needs to provide two acceptable forms of identification such as a student identification card with a photo and an original birth certificate. A list of other acceptable forms of identification is available on its Web site.

Students can then use FlashForward, an online classified directory to search and apply for jobs on campus. After their interview, the employer logs on and offers the student a job providing an electronic student appointment form for the student to fill out.

Students are notified of their job offers through their Kent e-mail addresses, or they can check job offers themselves through CampusWorks.

Once offered a job, students have five days to accept the job offer and begin work.

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