Students don’t have to travel far

Jaclyn Dixon

Many students need a job during college in order to afford its high costs. Fortunately at Kent State, students have a variety of jobs available to them, ranging from dining services to nude modeling.

Kent State employs more than 5,000 students in more than 7,000 jobs on campus annually, many of which are filled by returning students who keep the same job year after year. On-campus employers are as flexible as they can be with work schedules.

“All on-campus employers realize that students are here first and foremost, to attend classes and complete their degrees; working on campus is secondary,” said Ami Hollis, associate director of the Career Services Center.

The highest paying jobs require specialized certification, knowledge or training. These jobs include computer technicians and network assistants, bus drivers (through PARTA), professional sports instructors, telephone interviewers and nude modeling. All of these positions have an hourly salary of about $10.00 and above. The large majority of positions on campus range from minimum wage (currently $5.15), to about $6.25 per hour.

Hollis said a student should anticipate that hours they can work will have to be during the hours of operation for the department where they are employed.

Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor

The pay for working as a lifeguard or water safety instructor can range from $6.06 to $9.00 an hour. The lifeguard is responsible for ensuring the health and safety of the Student Recreation and Wellness Center members using the pools.

The Water Safety Instructor’s main responsibility is to ensure the safe instruction of the participants in the programs. The instructor will manage all incidents involving the assigned swimming/water safety classes, as well as do all necessary planning and paperwork. Students who apply are required to work 12 hours. The anticipated start date for the position was Aug. 4.

Banquet Server

Banquet serving pays $6.75 an hour, and students are required to work 15 hours a week. Students must service, set up and clean up after events held on and off campus. Students who have mornings and lunch available to them are ideal for the position. There are currently eight positions available.

Event Marketing Assistant

Kent State students taking a minimum of six credit hours can apply for an event marketing assistant position. Students are required to plan, promote and conduct member and community events at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center. Students attend university recruitment and community events as well as assisting with the development of advertising concepts. The position pays $5.45 an hour and requires students to work 20 hours a week. There are currently three positions available, and the anticipated start date is Aug. 25.


Students can gain valuable experience in helping undergraduate students learn by joining Kent State’s nationally certified tutoring staff within the Academic Success Center.

Tutors are currently needed for sociology and psychology. Students must have a 3.0 cumulative GPA and As in the course they’re tutoring in. A recommendation from one of the students’ professors is also required. Students must devote eight hours each week, Monday through Thursday between the hours of 9:55 a.m. and 5 p.m. Students can apply in room 207 of the Michael Schwartz Center.

The majority of departments on campus post their open positions on the Flash Forward job board, which is accessible from the Career Services Center Web site.

To search for jobs, students need to create an account on Flash Forward. Students will need to take a few moments to fill out their profile, and then have up to 60 days to upload a resume. Students may search for positions without uploading a resume, but if they have not uploaded their resumes within 60 days, their accounts will be deleted. However, students may create new accounts at anytime.

“When visiting a department in person, be confident and prepared to fill out an application or interview on the spot and, most importantly, dress to impress,” Hollis said.

For more information on student employment, students can stop into the Career Services Center at the Michael Schwartz Center or visit

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