Editor’s Welcome: Want to open the door? We’ll help you find all the keys

Jackie Mantey

The first day of my freshman year was one of the hottest in 2004.

My mother, sister and I made the two and a half hour trek from the countryside of Marion to the home of my new life.

However, the fervor and excitement for freshman year was put to a momentary stop as we lugged armfuls upon armfuls of useless Hawaiian room decorations and so-called necessary graduation gifts all the way around Small Group until we finally found Metcalf Hall.

But that sweaty, frustrating moment was soon to end as I put the key into the door of my room for the first time and welcomed the space that would change my life.

College is all about opening doors — doors to your mind, to your heart, to your beliefs, to your careers. This is the chance to do anything you have ever been scared to do before. Get ready for a ride, my friends.

This orientation issue, brought to you by the staff of the Summer Kent Stater (and a few helping hands), is about opening those doors. We have worked hard to give you all the tools necessary to find how to reach your goals and answer any questions you may have.

Throughout this issue are stories about dealing with your first time living away from home, how to live in what feels like a fishbowl with one or three other people, how to get involved, a catch-up on Kent State history and so much more.

And the news doesn’t stop here.

Although I attribute much of my news savvy to being a journalism major, a college education requires a level of knowledge about the world around you — a habit that hopefully continues for the rest of your life.

Kent State student media works hard to bring you information and about the university and more. This orientation issue is your introduction to the Daily Kent Stater and stateronline.com, and I hope you continue to take advantage of all arenas of student media.

Let us help you open your mind and all the doors you wish to open.

Jackie Mantey is a junior magazine journalism major and editor of the Summer Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].