Flynn’s Tire to accept FlashCash

If you see students driving around in cars that look like they’ve come straight out of MTV’s “Pimp My Ride,” there may be a reason why.

Now students looking to make a few adjustments to their car or just looking to get an oil change can use their FlashCard to pay for them.

Flynn’s Tire in Kent is accepting the card to pay for anything in the store from spinning rims to new tires to fixing students’ suspensions.

Along with tires, Flynn’s Tire sells after-market brands to make its tires go from beat up hubcaps to something straight out of The Fast and the Furious.

Flynn’s Tire employee Bryon Kolat said there have been a lot of inquiries about the FlashCard since it has been validated as a form of payment, but few people actually use it.

But students with car trouble in the upcoming fall semester may put it to good use.

“We can fix just about anything,” Kolat said.

-ÿAndrew Gaug