Fans will see new M.A.C. scoreboard

The Golden Flashes basketball program will be installing a new state-of-the-art center court scoreboard in the main gym in the M.A.C. Center.

The pre-installation and electric wiring is set to begin today, and the scoreboard will be completely installed by early September. Cynthia Stone, facilities and operations director, said the university has a half million to one million dollar contract with Daktronics, the company that is building the scoreboard. The scoreboard is estimated to cost $500,000.

The university will also install two videoboards in the gym, and two very small scoreboards in the main lobby so people coming into the game and around the concessions will be able to see what is going on, Stone said. It will be similar, if not better than, what Akron has, she added.

The scoreboard will be all LED, instead of standard light bulbs that need to be changed. This should provide a better graphic picture.

“We shouldn’t have any issues like we used to in the past,” Stone said. “We have a service contact, so any of the glitches this year might be operative, as we are trying to learn all of the capabilities of the scoreboard. There’s nothing that is 100 percent perfect, no matter what you pay for it.”

-Frank Schaefer