Letters to the editor

‘Stater’s’ USS opinion inappropriate, unfair

Dear Editor:

In the opinion article titled “New USS off to bad start,” I personally had some issues. To be fair I am a member of said Student Senate. While I do not agree with the outgoing senate’s vote at all, I can see where some of the heads were that voted to keep the permanent seats.

I cannot comment on Sen. Kevin Folk and whether or not he got in contact with BUS or IGPB on time. However, this is in no way the fault of Sen. Sean Groves or anyone on the new senate. In fact, our new executive director, Ross Miltner, voted against the amendment. The new senate had no vote at all in this issue.

Is the editorial board trying to hold Groves responsible for the votes of an outgoing senate? That hardly seems fair. And it is hardly appropriate to attack Groves on an issue he has yet to tackle: May 4 funding. Also, Miltner’s sound bite is being taken completely out of context. Through personal interaction with Miltner, I can vouch for the fact that campus safety is important to him. While he may or may not have misspoke when he said “non-issue” I believe he was trying to drive home the fact that we do have a comparatively safe campus and that other things, like campus programming, should be a priority.

Adding to an already ambitious platform should not at all be something to be chastised for. Miltner has been working very tirelessly already, and I can assure you that Groves has been doing the same.

Amy Groya

Sophomore history and political science major

28 years of public service at KSU comes to an end

Dear Editor:

My name is William Shanafelt and I just retired from the Kent State Police Department after a great 28 years of service. I really enjoyed all the special times here at Kent State.

As we move into a week of May 4 remembrance, I wanted to add my own statement.

As a student here, my first “quarter” was the spring of 1971; I have more than 35 years of May 4 memories. I spent several years as a student when the university was not sure it would stay opened or closed. I spent several years on the Portage County Sheriff’s Department coming to Kent State to assist the campus police every year.

I spent the last 28 May 4’s on campus watching the events in the commons. Lots of overtime, standing in the cold, rainy weather observing very sincere people.

I also spent several years in riot gear chasing people around our campus who were here to further their agenda. Whatever the heck that was.

Over all, it’s been a great 28 years working here as a police officer, lieutenant and county drug agent.

Kent State University was and is a great place to work, go to school and to meet many great people.

I will miss this place a great deal.

And finally, to Alan Canfora, I hope some day you can finally move on with your life. At least I do not have to listen to your outdated rhetoric anymore.

Retired Lt. William Shanafelt

Kent State Police Departmen