A select few ruin feminism

Erica Weisburn

Stop burning your bras and listen, feminists.

In my last column, I discussed some reasons why I believe women have it better than men, generally speaking. My take on the debate was meant to be lighthearted with a touch of wit. Some say I failed miserably. However, screaming personal insults at me in the hope of tearing down my “shallow, spoiled-college-girl” persona doesn’t help support your claim. Apparently, some are too busy offending and being overly sensitive that they refuse to see reality.

Just because I don’t share the same extremist views as some of you does not make my point invalid. Maybe you should try to entertain conflicting ideas before you immediately dismiss them.

I am a feminist, to some degree. Most women are. It would be taboo for a woman to care less about fighting for gender equality and respect. But a select few extremists ruin it for all of us. They circle their lives around hating men and tearing other women down in the pursuit of empowerment. Holding grudges and being bitter about the past makes no sense. This is why “feminism” has a bad name.

Some feminists have given themselves the convenience of blaming almost all of their adversities on someone else. “I didn’t get the job; it must be because I don’t have a penis.” Try evaluating yourself before you jump to conclusions and yell “discrimination!”

Today, “77 percent of women say their opportunities to succeed in life are better than those of their mother,” according to a recent poll by CBS News. This is a good thing, feminists.

No one is preventing women from succeeding. Women are oppressing themselves. We basically have the same opportunities as men; we just don’t take advantage of them. Usually, this is because we would rather have babies and get married instead of earning higher college degrees. Again, men are not to blame for that.

Side note: Belittling men is hypocritical. Calling them “pigs” in response to their “chick” comments will destroy your argument.

Overall, the mystery of who has it better is unsolvable. I’ll admit that in some aspects of life women are discriminated against and action should be taken. However, incessant screaming and complaining can’t possibly be the most effective method for change. Perhaps if women’s rights activists took a more subtle approach to getting things done, people would listen.

My intention is to open the eyes of feminists who still believe men and society to be their enemies. We don’t have it as bad as you say. I’m tired of some feminists trying to convince themselves that life ultimately favors men. It doesn’t. Both genders experience a fair share of discrimination and adversity. Plus, absolute equality will never happen. Get over it.

To those who continue to ignore opposing viewpoints because they destroy your fairy tale reality, I pity you. Living life in a tiny box filled only with the people who agree with you must get boring. For once, try expanding your preconceived beliefs and be happy with what you have. Hating is overrated.

Erica Weisburn is a junior newspaper journalism major and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].