Flashes are fairy tale frauds

Dave Yochum

Cinderella, meet your big, wicked stepsisters – the Pittsburgh Panthers.

If the Panthers use their height and weight to push the Flashes around Friday, don’t go crying to your fairy godmother. Don’t complain about taking abuse from a group that beat five ranked teams while playing in the toughest conference – the Big East.

Instead, be glad you were invited to the Dance – you probably should have been scrubbing floors back home anyway.

Finally, don’t get upset when you can’t seem to find your glass slipper after the dance – you already ruined the shoe back in 2002.

You remember what happened in 2002, don’t you? It was your golden moment.

Your fairy tale tournament run ended Pitt’s own magical year. Not only did you celebrate in their faces, you beat them in irritating fashion.

Cinderella, you picked apart the proud Panthers. Try saying that to yourself five times fast, and you’ll understand how frustrating you were.

Every shot you tossed would go in – even if it was a prayer from beyond the arc. When you weren’t making shots, you were making steals. It was sickening.

The Panthers were supposed to win that game – not you, Cinderella.

Pitt had the Big East Co-Player of the Year, Brandin Knight, sharpshooter Donatas Zavackas and a young flash of their own in Julius Page. The whole city of Pittsburgh loved that Panthers team. The whole city of Pittsburgh breathed with that Panthers team.

Four years later, Pittsburghers haven’t forgotten the emotions resulting from what you did.

Sure, you weren’t the only one to shatter Pittsburgh hearts. Neil O’Donnell had problems passing to his own teammates in big games. The Pirates have broken hearts every year since 1992.

But you already stained Pittsburgh sports history once, Cinderella. Panthers’ fans, players and coaches won’t let you do it again.

Basically, Cinderella, what I’m trying to tell you is that you’re nothing but a fraud.

What Top 25 teams have you played? How many thousands of fans show up regularly to support you?

I’m sorry, but if you couldn’t tell from watching this year’s Super Bowl, the real Cinderella calls Pittsburgh home.

Dave Yochum is a transportation reporter for the Daily Kent Stater and native of Pittsburgh. Contact him at [email protected]