Letters to the Editor

Hamas government does not deserve chance

Dear Editor,

I was shocked to see the first headline on Thursday’s Forum Page: “World needs to give Hamas a chance.” The ensuing article proved to be even more shocking. How is it possible that educated college students would support a group whose official charter calls for the destruction of Israel? Hamas is recognized as a terrorist organization by Israel, the United States and the European Union. Yes, it is true they spend millions of dollars a year on Palestinian social services, and that’s a good thing. However, their militant branch is the real problem. Since its inception in 1987, Hamas has carried out countless suicide attacks on Israel, killing hundreds of civilians. A frighteningly high number of Palestinians, around 70 percent of the population, actually support suicide attacks and oppose a cease-fire. It is obvious Palestine does not see peace in the near future, and there certainly won’t be peace as long as Hamas exists, plain and simple. The Stater editorial board should be ashamed of its position.

Dustion Lee

Junior electronic media major

U.S. not to blame for Muslim problems

Dear Editor,

I want to respond to Professor Assad Pino’s letter in which he presents a one-sided opinion. Is it always America’s fault for what happens to Muslims (a Dane drew the cartoon)? The United States is not alone in supporting the illicit activities you listed. Dubai is the Monaco of the Middle East; its government allows gambling and prostitution. Several Islamic nations kill women for slight offenses because it is supposedly OK’d by the Koran. Afghanistan is the world’s largest opium producer. This all has gone on long before the United States influenced the region. If Islam has a higher moral code, why do these things take place in the name of Islam?

I’m glad to see the world’s news agencies, who only cover the unfortunate incidents and fail to cover the good that is going on, has grabbed your attention. I have seen and experienced these good things. Christians and Muslims co-exist in Kurdish areas of Iraq. The Kurds have been treated like second-class citizens to all other Muslims for hundreds of years. I also helped in efforts to get Albanians and Serbs to co-exist in Kosovo.

U.S. policy has always targeted a country’s leadership or those who intentionally harm the innocent. The United States has invaded nations under questionable motives, killed innocent people and turned a blind-eye to atrocities committed by others. But now, Hamas, that abdicates the destruction of Israel, has a majority in the Palestinian Parliament. The insurgents in Iraq target civilians wanting to help Iraq. Insurgents have also killed leaders they don’t agree with, foreigners delivering aid, and people just doing their jobs. If these attacks were carried out in the name of Islam or for Allah, how can you support this?

I think that the old adage, “If you don’t like it here, LEAVE,” applies quite well here. Other people have given their lives in the past so that you can have that freedom and be able to write whatever you would like, unlike some of those countries that you defend.

Doug Schmidt

Senior history major