Student bets $5 on romance

Mike Mallone, freshman flight technology major, and a friend were sitting around one afternoon when Mike’s friend made a bet.

His friend said that of the girls he had been talking to online, Mike couldn’t come into the conversation and get a phone number and a date in five minutes. Mike took the bet for $5, and he chose to talk to Kaley Turner, junior at Walsh-Jesuit High School in Stow.

“I talked to her for three minutes and won the bet,” Mike said. “She found out six months later. She thought it was pretty funny, or at least that’s what she told me.”

One year and two months later, the couple is still happy together. For his 19th birthday, Kaley even named a star after him.

Now, every time Mike Mallone looks at his favorite constellation, Cassiopeia, he sees more than just a group of stars. He sees his star, Mikey, and remembers that first conversation over the Internet.

Kelly Mills

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