Filling the North Water Street Gallery with love and art

Erika Kreider

Opening Reception

Where? North Water Street Gallery (across from Panini’s)

When? Saturday 8 to 11 p.m. or by appointment

(330) 673-4970

Teresa Bosko Carlin’s vision was to create a whole new world filled with love and innocence in North Water Street Gallery, and Saturday it will become alive.

Carlin, a 1988 Kent State graduate, is now exhibiting her art locally and nationally.

“I want to create a whole environment to fill the gallery,” she said. “A whole atmosphere (where) you walk in the door and you’re in a whole other place.”

The idea behind the whole atmosphere is a flower garden with butterflies. There will be flowers from two feet tall up to the ceiling, Carlin said.

The wings of the butterflies are made of wire hangers, with different colored tulle layered and wrapped around them.

She said she feels emotionally connected with this exhibit.

All of the proceeds she earns will be donated to a local charity, Helping Hands. Helping Hands provides resources to families in the Akron area who are struggling to support themselves.

All the flowers will be for sale, starting at about $20, she said. The flowers she does not sell she will donate to the elderly.

If someone does not have enough money to buy a flower, but would still like to donate, there will be a fountain, similar to a wishing well, in which people can donate any amount, including change.

Her inspiration for the “love” theme is she feels like she has been blessed with so much that she wants to give back.

“Lately, creatively, I have been blocked for a year and started thinking of my love and the world and having a rough couple of years and have become more aware of how I treat people and the people I love and things I love,” Carlin said.

She said that in the last couple years she has been through some rough times of relationships, butting of heads and learning to love the unlovely and trusting in that love. She said she is also aware of how she treats others, along with becoming spiritually more aware.

Also, the new atmosphere reminds her of both of her grandmothers’ flower gardens.

Jeff Ingram, owner of North Water Street Gallery, said this is his first show ever, in the 12 years he has had the gallery, in which an artist has donated her earnings.

“If you’re constantly giving, you’re constantly opening yourself up to receive and become creative,” Ingram said.

Carlin has no direct connection with Helping Hands, but she was flipping through a magazine one day and flipped into it.

“When you think (life is) really bad, love won’t fail,” Carlin said. “Love is really strong and is really fragile.”

During the exhibit opening, Ingram will be playing the violin, at Carlin’s request. The opening reception is open to the public and everyone is encouraged to attend, Ingram said.

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