PRIDE! learns self-defense

Derek Lenehan

Donovan Hill, junior political science major, uses PRIDE!Kent treasurer and historian Jae Lerer as an example while showing the group how to defend themselves from the ground. The group is organizing self-defense classes for members after a former preside

Credit: Carl Schierhorn

PRIDE!Kent members met last night to discuss an attack on a former group president, to strategize action to be taken in response and to learn self-defense.

Donovan Hill of the College Democrats gave a small demonstration in basic self-defense, performing various moves on PRIDE!Kent historian and treasurer, Jae Lerer.

“Try to make a fist with their throat and windpipe in your hand,” Hill said during one of the maneuvers.

The demonstration was held in response to last weekend’s alleged assault on PRIDE!Kent member Angela Wicks. President Christopher Taylor, junior nursing major, said the group decided to teach self-defense following the incident.

The organization announced it will be hiring a specialist from Akron to assist with self-defense classes throughout the semester.

PRIDE!Kent member Amy Thompson, junior fine arts major, said she planned to attend the self-defense courses.

“I’ve attended others that haven’t been successful or useful to me. The presentation tonight actually was one of the more practical self-defense presentations I’ve seen,” she said.

PRIDE!Kent members shared ideas on what should be done to improve campus security. Emergency phone inadequacy – as well as poor lighting – was discussed thoroughly. The group is forming a team to check spots on campus where emergency phones are not visible and lighting could be improved.

Taylor spoke about the group’s relations with the university following the attack.

“We confronted (Dean of Students Greg Jarvie) about the attack, but he didn’t respond so good. The focus shifted to ‘Why was this student walking alone?'” he said. “We will put as much pressure on the university as we possibly can to change the security measures so that students feel safe on campus.”

Wicks, the alleged attack victim, attended the meeting and was comforted by other members.

Thompson summarized her feelings about the attack in three words: “disappointed in society.”

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