PRIDE! Kent urges public to support equal rights, security

Demonstrators gathered and advocated for equal gay rights Friday in front of the Student Center. AMANDA SOWARDS | DAILY KENT STATER

Credit: Carl Schierhorn

Members of PRIDE! Kent demonstrated in front of the Student Center on Friday from noon to 1 p.m. Several members carried signs, and nearly all were participating in chants.

The 30 people present were advocating for equal gay rights, as well as increased security on campus. The demonstration was a response to the attack last Sunday on PRIDE! Kent member and former president, Angela Wicks.

The demonstration occurred fewer than 15 hours after the group announced it would offer self-defense classes for its members, and would begin forming a team to walk across all parts of campus, examining areas of poor lighting and areas lacking emergency phones.

President of PRIDE! Kent Christopher Taylor was present at the gathering briefly, but left early for an academic obligation.

“Gay is good,” a member’s sign read.

“This a public service announcement: You do not have to be gay to like gay people,” another member said on a megaphone.

According to group members, the group is seeking better security for all students at Kent State, not just members of PRIDE! Kent.

– Derek Lenehan