Students test different hangover remedies

Lisa Moore

Drinking coffee the morning after, taking Pepto-Bismol before drinking and taking pain relief pills are all popular remedies for trying to prevent and getting rid of a hangover. Chewing gum is often used after drinking to disguise beer breath and sometime

Credit: Carl Schierhorn

Kick It, BoozEase, Ryvox-9 and Chaser are just a few hangover cures marketed on the Internet.

“Chaser is a pill,” said Nathan Aron, senior business management major. “You take it while you drink, and you won’t have a hangover. It works.”

There is no evidence to suggest the hangover cures marketed on the Internet are effective in preventing alcohol hangovers, according to researchers at the Peninsula Medical School at the University of Exeter and Plymouth.

“Our findings show no compelling evidence to suggest that any intervention is effective in preventing or treating alcohol hangover,” Research Fellow Max H. Pittler said in an interview with

Researchers at the Peninsula School recommend drinking in moderation or even abstinence as a sure-fire hangover remedy.

Health Promotions Coordinator Scott Dotterer also recommended students being aware of the amount of alcohol they consume.

“Instead of looking for a hangover cure,” he said. “It really should be a time to reflect on drinking habits. Your body can only break down one drink per hour.”

Food will slow down the absorption of alcohol, but it won’t maintain sobriety, Dotterer said.

Pulp Juice & Smoothie Bar in Kent offers a hangover cure in the form of a smoothie. A fruit mixture of apple juice, peaches, bananas and orange sherbet with an energy and hangover relief enhancer make up the Hangover Relief super smoothie.

The fruits in the smoothie restore nutrients in your body, but that’s not the only benefit, said Angela Cella, an employee at Pulp Juice.

“It tastes good,” she said.

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