Taylor, Miltner face off for USS director

Breanne George

Miltner looks to use past experience in leadership position

Ross Miltner, undergraduate student senator for community affairs, is one of two candidates for Undergraduate Student Senate’s executive director. His platform is based on a hands-on approach to leadership. LAUREN ANDERSON | DAILY KENT STATER

Credit: Carl Schierhorn

Before working as a senator for community affairs on the Undergraduate Student Senate, Ross Miltner worked at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center and led adventure trips on the weekends.

“I’ve gone kayaking, white-water rafting and canoeing,” he said. “I still want to go skydiving.”

He even led a trip to Key West during spring break of his freshman year.

“Not only was it free, but I was getting paid to go on vacation,” he said. “I’ve been really lucky with some of the opportunities I’ve fell into here.”

Miltner said he wants to take a more hands-on approach as executive director of the 2006-2007 Undergraduate Student Senate.

One campaign platform idea is to improve the programming at the Kent campus.

“The programming is not at the level I would expect,” he said. “I’m constantly amazed at the Stark campus getting better speakers.”

Miltner said he wants to work closely with the All Campus Programming Board to oversee their planning and provide input.

“They do the same events every year,” he said. “There are not a lot of fresh ideas.”

Miltner said he wants to sit on the selection committee for the All Campus Programming Board to have a better say on who gets on the committee.


Executive Director

Ross Miltner

Christopher Taylor

Academic Affair

Caitlin Faas

Preston Mitchum

Business and Finance

Sean Groves

Nathan Williams

Community Affairs

Justin Jeffery

Bethany Taylor

Governmental Affairs

Amy Groya

Research and Development

Christopher Corbett

Kourtney Wolfgang

Student Advancement

Benjamin Feld

Lindsay Fields

Jacob Keaton

Student Relations

Brian Appel

Christen Coppola

Donovan Hill

University Affairs

Megan Sedello

Richard Wittkopp Jr.

Another issue he wants to address is permanent seats on the Allocations Committee for representatives of student organizations.

“Currently four student organizations are automatically on the committee every year,” he said. “But why not other organizations? It seems like an unfair and subjective process.”

Miltner said he wants to get rid of permanent seats so all student organizations have an equal opportunity to have members on the committee.

“If any organization is serious enough about wanting to have one of their members represented on the committee, they should easily have the ability to go through the process,” he said. “It’s something that’s very changeable.”

Miltner said he would also like to work with a new program the city manager of Kent has been working on. There is currently a new liaison office running between the city and university.

“It’s a great idea that’s been a long time coming,” he said. “He’s been starting it on his own, but we haven’t given him much input yet.”

Miltner said the purpose of the liaison office is to get more students on campus involved with the city in the form of internships and class projects.

“It helps the city create a more mutually beneficial atmosphere,” he said.

Miltner said he wants to strengthen many of the Senate’s current programs such as the book exchange and collegiate readership programs.

Miltner said he believes he is the best candidate for executive director because of his experience on the USS. As the senator for community affairs, he accomplished all his campaign platform goals.

“Being on senate, I’ve seen a lot of things that I don’t agree with,” he said. “I think it can be done better, and I want to see it be done better.”

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