Take a look around, please

Here’s a relatively simple question with two parts: Who is David Creamer, and what does he do?

No clue?

Not surprising.

We ask because lately we’ve become distressed at the overwhelming sense of ignorance and apathy permeating the majority of undergraduate students.

Keep thinking. Creamer? … You’ve seen his name in print before. …

Give up?

Creamer manages all the university’s finances, can recommend raising your tuition and is essentially second-in-command to President Carol Cartwright. He’s the university’s vice president for administration.

Quite simply, we think a majority of students here simply do not care about who or what has an effect on their lives, so long as it doesn’t disrupt their daily routines or weekend plans. It’s as if most Kent State students spend four years walking around campus with their heads down and their iPods on.

Granted, we don’t expect all students to have the Kent State administration hierarchy memorized. We doubt even those at the top of the heap know exactly who every major or minor player in this university is.

But there are certain people, places, things and ideas students should know.

Maybe as journalism students (as a majority of this board is) we have an inherent advantage. We are forced by jobs and course work to put ourselves out there, to meet people and to talk to faculty and administrators.

And we admit, putting yourself out there can be scary at times. It’s a risk whenever you go outside your comfort zone.

That doesn’t stop us though, and we think every student should be just as involved.

Read newspapers, not just the Stater. Pick up a New York Times available at areas around campus. (They’re free for students.)

Talk to professors after class. Take the headphones out of your ears when you walk from the Student Center to Bowman Hall.

Get involved in a group or two, and go to USS meetings. Vote in the upcoming USS election.

Or try this – go to every building you’ve never been in while you’ve been at Kent State (there has to be at least one) and talk to someone there.

This is your community. Think about how many hours a day you spend here. Don’t leave Kent State without being able to say you truly knew it. We can’t make you care, but we can assure you that when you do, it makes your experience here a wholly better one.

So here’s another question – a chance to redeem yourself: What’s the only way to find out about your university?

Look around.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the editorial board of the Daily Kent Stater.