Professors key to right schedule

Janet Aronica

Students are getting a fresh start this week with new schedules.

Some students said finding a good professor is an important part of their scheduling.

“I definitely think professors have an effect on the classes,” said Latoya Peterson, freshman political science major.

A professor’s delivery of the material, his or her grading system and the curriculum itself are the professor’s choice. The same class can be completely different depending on the professor. This is why some students have chosen their schedules according to who will be teaching the class.

“Any LERS – I could care less about who the professor is,” said Kaitlyn Costello, a sophomore art education major. “I just try to listen to upperclassmen and pick the good professors for the classes that are important to me.”

Costello said she is not necessarily looking for an easy grade when choosing her professor.

“It’s OK if it’s a lot of work,” she said. “It’s worth it if they teach the information really well, and it’s not boring. I think it’s more what you get out of the class.”

Some students turned to the Internet to look up their professors at Web sites such as and These sites feature reviews of professors on the basis of “easiness,” “hotness,” “fairness” and include the rants of former students on message boards. But they don’t include information on the grading system or the material covered.

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