Sip’n Dip-ity offers a lot o’ gelato

Erin Roof

Sip’n Dip-ity, a new shop located in downtown Kent, offers many unique snacks and drinks. One snack available is the Italian ice gelato, which comes in a variety of flavors such as cafe mocha, strawberry and butter pecan. Sip’n Dip-ity is open Monday to S

Credit: Carl Schierhorn

European flavor is saturating Kent in the form of a new store, Sip’n Dip-ity, that serves up Italian-style gelato.

There are many reasons why gelato, a creamy frozen dessert, is better than regular ice cream, said Sean Bammer, owner of Sip’n Dip-ity.

“It tastes better. It is softer, richer and healthier than ice cream,” said Bammer, who sells Palazzolos brand gelato.

According to Palazzolo’s Web site, gelato is healthier than ice cream because it has less butter fat. Also, unlike ice cream, no added air is whipped into the gelato as it is being made. This results in gelato weighing twice as much as most ice cream.

Bammer, a Kent State graduate, said he chooses 12 flavors from Palazzolos hundreds of options to fill his case every week. Sip’n Dip-ity’s gelato is, perhaps, a little too good, Bammer said.

“I can’t stop eating them,” he said. “I think I have put on five pounds in the past week!”

Erin Dench, who has worked at Sip’n Dip-ity since it opened in November, said customers are very pleased with the gelato.

“It is cool to see people’s reactions,” she said. “When people try it for the first time, it is always a 100 percent positive reaction. They love it.”

While both Bammer and Dench said their favorite flavor is peanut butter cup, Bammer said cookie dough and tiramisu are also popular.

Jeremy Cales, owner of Smokin’ Tattooz and a frequent Sip’n Dip-ity patron, said his favorite flavor is French-chocolate-brandy-caramel-fudge.

“All of the different flavors come out separately,” he said.

Cales said gelato is not the only reason he enjoys visiting Sip’n Dip-ity.

“It has a nice atmosphere. You can relax,” he said of the shop’s vibrant d‚cor, complete with a faux palm tree.

Sip’n Dip-ity is the only location in the area that sells gelato, Bammer said. But that isn’t all the shop has to offer. Another foreign delicacy is also on the menu – Bubble tea.

“Bubble tea is green tea that is flavored with (one of) 45 different flavors,” Bammer said. “You can get it either shaken or blended with ice. After that, we pour it over bubbles, which are either tapioca pearls or fruit jellies.”

Bubble tea was originally an Asian treat, but it is now popular in New York City and other major cities across the United States, Bammer said.

Bammer, who also owns Metropolis Popcorn, said customers also visit the shop for its flavored popcorn. Bammer combined Metropolis Popcorn with his new venture, Sip’n Dip-ity, because he said serving only flavored popcorn was a too narrow focus.

“As far as drawing people into the store, flavored popcorn is a little weird,” Bammer said.

Bammer, who won Cleveland Magazine’s number one popcorn in Cleveland award in October, said he wants to expand the shop in the future.

“Hopefully we are going to open a new store in the Cleveland area,” he said.

Right now, Bammer said he enjoys pleasing his customers in Kent.

“I get excited when people get excited about our product,” Bammer said. “It makes me feel good.”

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