Men’s Chorus can serenade a sweetheart on Valentine’s Day

Meredith Compton

Goodbye chocolates and roses. Hello singing men in tuxedos.

The Men’s Chorus is once again offering its Singing Valentines this year and will be holding sign-ups today on the second floor of the Student Center.

The chorus offers students two different options for sending a singing quartet to their Valentine.

For $25, students can send a singing quartet along with a rose and a Valentine’s card to their special someone within a four-hour time period. For $35, students can send the same package but within a ten-minute deadline of the time given during sign up.

The quartets will come in during classes, as long as the sender gets permission ahead of time.

Even though Men’s Chorus has been offering the gift for only a year, the practice has “been around forever,” said Ben Ayling, director of the Men’s Chorus .

“We get to sing for people, give them some joy and fund-raise at the same time,” Ayling said.

The Valentines are a fund-raiser for the group’s spring break tour in New York City.

Ayling and graduate assistant Michael Martin put the program together last year in hopes of finding a fund-raiser that would not jeopardize the integrity of the chorus.

“It’s great for PR, but also a fun way to make money,” Martin said.

The bonding experience of singing to patrons such as Carol Cartwright does not go unnoticed either.

“Five days in a tuxedo will do something to you,” said Rob Carson, president of the Men’s Chorus. “It’s so much fun. It really is.”

Although the chorus sang about 80 Valentines last year, they are only sending out a maximum of 180 Valentines this year.

In addition to cash and checks, this year they will accept FlashCash.

Students can sign up to send a Valentine online by visiting the Chorus’ Web site.

Students can buy Singing Valentines starting today through the week of Feb. 14. The chorus will have sign-up tables set up on the second floor of the Student Center at various times throughout the day.

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