USS passes legislation shortening election to one day, easing process

Breanne George

The USS debated and unanimously passed what Executive Director Bill Ross called “emergency legislation” at their first meeting of the semester.

The Elections Bill, created by Ross, makes various changes to the election process of the Undergraduate Student Senate. Since student elections take place this spring, Ross said it was imperative this legislation was passed.

A major change in the bill is officially changing the election process to one day. Prior to this year, the election had been two days.

“Since students can now vote online, one day saves money and makes it easier,” Ross said. “It will be more representative of a traditional election.”

USS is also making changes to the election commission, which oversees the election and is in charge of establishing rules and procedures.

“No member of the USS or employee of the USS will be able to sit on the elections commission,” Ross said. “This also includes students running for office.”

This change ensures that there is no conflict of interest, since the election commission will oversee the ballot and student campaigns.

The senators also discussed the continuing price increases of the pay lot and parking tickets, as well as future plans for parking lots and decks.

Megan Sedello, senator for university affairs, said she plans to attend the Parking Services meeting tomorrow to discuss student concerns. She asked for input from the other senators on what to bring up at the meeting.

“I have a concern for how they are so quick to tow your car, which is $200 right there,” Ross said. “I think they need to be more lenient to students.”

Ross Miltner, senator for community affairs, said the city of Kent is looking to expand Summit Street to make it more than two lanes. He will attend a forum of community members and university faculty next month.

He also said Lincoln Street, which has been a source of student frustration, will be paved when construction on Rockwell Hall is completed.

Another issue discussed was the university presidential search to replace Carol Cartwright. Ross said he received a lot of student input from an online survey about what students are looking for in a new president.

“Next Monday, the president of Ohio University will talk about what it’s like on the other side of the table and how we should recruit,” Ross said.

The draft of the presidential job description was released yesterday and applicant interviews will begin next month.

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