Column: Trust your instincts

Michelle Park

I deeply regret making the decision I did Sunday night.

A column ran – complete with a racially offensive word used in a non-constructive, non-educational context – and it has embarrassed me and the Daily Kent Stater greatly. A news story about the column, the problems it has caused and potential solutions for those problems will appear in tomorrow’s Daily Kent Stater.

The main question I’ve been asked is why I let the column run. To be honest, I do not have a reason to give. I did not like the column, I expressed my discontent with it and I asked for input from other sources. With the help of the input from those other sources, I decided to run it, convinced I was overreacting.

I know now that I was not.

I did know the piece was offensive and insensitive, and I did know it shouldn’t run. I was foolish and irresponsible.

For the effect this column has had on any of you, I do apologize and assure you that I have learned a valuable lesson. I do not have to be black, Muslim or Asian to know that a racial slur can hurt. I do not need to have the word used against me to rule it out of my news pages.

My advice to any professional is to follow your instincts. If I had, I wouldn’t have ended up crying and feeling ashamed yesterday.

Michelle Park is the editor-in-chief of the Daily Kent Stater and a senior newspaper journalism major. Contact her at [email protected].