Letters to the Editor

ROTC hypocritical about the flag

Dear Editor:

One thing I have noticed in my short time on campus is the way the United States flag is treated by the ROTC, who should care the most about the flag. I have seen the flag on display at night, in bad weather and with no direct lighting. As I write this, the flag is just sitting there, being worn and tattered by the rain and high winds. I was taught that the flag should be displayed from dawn to dusk and that if you wish to keep your flag up at night, it should have its own light, so that it shines like a beacon of freedom at night. I find it unfortunate that most high schools I have seen adhere to this code of honor for our nation’s flag, yet our campus ROTC can’t do that. Perhaps they should be less concerned with other things and more concerned with upholding our nation’s honor. Displaying the flag properly would be a place to start.

Brian Bloomfield

Freshman Computer Science Major


A quick letter on intelligent design

Dear Editor:

Intelligent design proponents offer the surest proof of evolution by demonstrating through their arguments that some of us are a bit closer to our simian ancestors than others.

Richard Shoop

Lecturer in Mathematics


Seeing Satan in the Church of Kent

Dear Editor:

I don’t usually contact the Daily Kent Stater, but something has to be done. I am very against the Church of Kent. It is forcefully trying to get people to join its religion. These people are modern-day Nazis. I went out to the bars to join my friends for good times, yet I was stopped from doing that by religious cult groups from the Church of Kent protesting and yelling at everyone engaging in conversation that they don’t understand. I don’t understand how they expect people to join their group by talking to irrational drunk people. I mean, that is just a bad marketing idea. The protesting, I believe, is also somewhat illegal because it is causing a disturbance. It is not freedom of speech. It is completely wrong. I looked into the eyes of one of these people tonight and saw Satan. All I am saying is that I am a good person, and now I feel ridiculed and feel I don’t deserve it, and neither do the students at Kent State University.

Brandon Clough

Senior communications major