WEB EXCLUSIVE: Fiona Apple Goes Beyond Extraordinary

Ever since Fiona Apple got up on stage at the 1997 MTV Music Video Awards show and said, “This world is bulls—,” she’s made her presence known to the world. She’s an artist who’s come into her own with her poignant and poetic lyrics and sultry voice.

With the long-awaited debut of her third album, Extraordinary Machine finally out, her fans now can see that this artist isn’t going anywhere and she’ll be here for a long time to come.

Apple satisfies fans after a six-year hiatus since her second album. On Extraordinary Machine, her smoky jazz voice emotionally reaches out through her deeply personal lyrics. The music combines the marimba, the bass, trumpets and other instruments that synthesize a jazz techno mix. Apple plays the piano on over half of the songs, which she wrote herself.

Her clever, angry and anguished lyrics speak mountains of the singer and her life. The album is a must for anyone going through a breakup.

Almost every song demonstrates the anguish and ache of a breakup. In “Parting Gift,” she sings in the chorus, “Oh, you silly, stupid past time of mine, you were always good for a rhyme.” In “Oh Well,” she remarks how her relationship changed her outlook on her life, “What you did to me made me see myself something awful.” Each song is pure, raw poetry to the ears.

Extraordinary Machine is a calmer, more collective Apple. Fully in control of her musical power, she transcends her previous work. There’s no way to compare Apple to any other artist out there. She’s her own artist, with a powerful, sultry voice that melts emotions out of her mouth.

Although Apple may not be for everyone, her latest album is first class and well worth the wait.

Download these songs for a taste of her unique, poetic voice: “Better Version Of Me,” “Get Him Back” and “Oh Well.”

-Nicholas DiSabatino