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Seth Roy

Rapper changes it up, acts in film

What do you do if you’re cornered by a gang of kids attempting to steal the drugs you don’t have?

“The intelligent thing to do is be like ‘I ain’t got nothing,'” Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson said in a recent conference call. “Ain’t no sense in me taking an ass-whooping if I ain’t got nothing.”

Yes, the rumors are true – I got to talk to 50 Cent, who was promoting his movie, Get Rich or Die Tryin‘.

About 10 other college reporters and I got to ask 50 Cent two or three questions during the conference call. Topics ranged from how to act on the street, to 50 Cent’s views on parenting, to his thoughts on his music and movies.

“For me, I’d keep things exactly the way they are,” he said. “Overall, I feel good about my accomplishments. What truly makes me happy is setting my goals and accomplishments.”

His accomplishments include having the top-selling album this year and having four songs in the top 10 at one time.

Many of his songs and videos are criticized for glorifying violence and sex and for influencing young children. 50 Cent said exposing children to violent and sexual images doesn’t have to be a negative thing.

“If I left him to see those things on his own,” 50 Cent said, “We should assume that he’s going to assume the wrong thing.”

He also said criticism against his music videos and his movie is sometimes unfair, adding that his content is molded from current issues and lifestyles in the United States.

“How often have you seen guns advertised for an action film?” 50 Cent asked the reporters. “The aggressive content comes from the mood of the U.S. right now.”

There also has been controversy about the movie’s posters. One poster shows 50 Cent from behind holding out his arms. In one hand is a microphone and in the other is a gun. This poster was on billboards near elementary and pre-schools in Los Angeles before parents protested to have them taken down.

Another poster shows 50 Cent holding a baby against his shoulder and storing a gun in the back of his pants. He said critics of the posters have a pre-determined mindset about him.

“It’s all their perception of me,” 50 Cent said. “In my eyes, the photograph I’m showing you is that I’m a protector.”

Filming the movie was harder for him than making music. One of the hardest parts of acting is having to film out of sequence, he said.

“(You have to) know the screenplay so fluently that you know the story,” he said.

50 Cent should know the story pretty well – Get Rich or Die Tryin‘ is loosely based on his own life. He stars as Marcus, a drug dealer turned rapper.

“I had to get myself mentally in the space I was then,” he said. “I was actually able to cry on film.”

50 Cent said he is happy with his movie for a number of reasons.

“I’m proud of the film,” he said. “I gave it my full attention. I have a better understanding of who I am.

“Creatively, I feel like I’ve taken myself to the next level. I just took a pay cut.”

50 Cent said his movie will be compared to 8 Mile by many, even though it is a wholly different film because it’s based on a different person and a different lifestyle.

“I believe the idea was inspired by 8 Mile,” he said. “I don’t mind the comparison because Em’s film was such a success.”

Acting like Marcus was tougher than portraying the 50 Cent persona, 50 Cent said.

“I find comfort in the music,” he said. “You don’t usually hear music about losing.”

50 Cent wrote much of the soundtrack for the film, based on scenes in the film. He is content with the film and the soundtrack as a package.

“I think it’s the best thing I’ve done so far,” he said.

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