Letters to the Editor

Reader ‘awe-struck’ by new door entrance

Dear Editor:

Awe-struck by the breathtaking journalism contained within the pages of the Daily Kent Stater, I felt a child-like glee as I read about the opening of a new entrance to the Student Center! No longer will the masses be forced to embark upon the strenuous mecca that is walking to the other side of the building to get in. This is exactly the type of investment our school needs to ensure our education is nothing less than regal. And how much did this glorious addition to our campus cost us? “A little less than $900,000.” It’s great to know that with rising tuition costs, stagnant financial aid benefits and cuts to the College of Continuing Studies and other departments, the university can still afford to drop nearly a million bucks on something as essential as a new door to the Student Center! Kill me now.

Richard Meara

Junior political science major


Opinions about females not representative

Dear Editor,

I am writing to you about the letter in Oct. 26’s paper that was written by Patrick McCann on females needing compassion. This statement was completely uncalled for and is like the same opinion that women have on men being pigs, which is mostly formed on a few men and not representative of that gender as a whole. There are many women on this campus that are loving and compassionate, but are not forward with guys and expect the boys to act like men.

I have yet to meet someone who can ask me out without using a cheesy pickup line. Maybe we females would be prone to not breaking your hearts, if the men would treat us like human beings and not sex objects. There are thousands of people going to Kent State who are looking for someone, anyone, that they can have some type of relationship with. With the ratio of women to men being so high, McCann should be careful and keep opinions like that to himself.

Casey Rumora

Freshman early childhood education major


Teacher shows dismay for Airhart punishment

Dear Editor:

I am writing to express my dismay at the response of the university and the police to the actions of David Airhart – a peaceful protester, Iraq veteran and one of our own students. I find it particularly ironic that this student who is seeking to voice his passionate beliefs based on his own experience and ideologies and who has been figuratively and literally yanked into a place of silence, had this happen to him on the same day that I had submitted a paper titled “The Democracy of Disobedience: In Celebration of the Spirited Child” to an international conference on curriculum.

I find it unconscionable that this university condones the current reprehensible recruiting practices of the military by permitting them on our campus. I am mortified as a faculty member that this university allows these recruiters to physically accost one of our students merely because the recruiters do not like his message or how he expresses it. These recruiters have staged this same temporary climbing wall in Roosevelt’s high school gym or perhaps Holden or Davey Elementary.

If students choose to pursue enlistment – there are recruiting offices that they may go to. They are listed in the telephone book. Logically, there is no reason for the recruiter’s presence on our campus.

I am registering my strongest objections to further persecution of David Airhart and wish to send my personal message of support to this courageous young man.

Sheri Leafgren

Instructor, Teaching, Leadership andCurriculum Studies