OK Go’s new album decent, not worth full price


OK Go – Oh No (Capitol Records)Stater rating (out of four): **1/2


After two years of touring, OK Go spent six months compiling material for its second album, Oh No.

Though the band retained its Capitol Records label, it collaborated with Swedish producer, Tore Johansson, to create this album.

Oh No is less of a teenage angst album than the band’s self-titled debut, but it still makes an appeal to the same audience. This album embraces a new take on the band’s original sound, combining a typical pop-punk sound with aspects of OK Go.

In the way that Hot Hot Heat is a jump-around-and-take-your-clothes-off band, OK Go follows suit.

Yet, the band has not completely matured beyond its audience of 14-year-old girls. Lyrics like, “you don’t have to be alone to be lonely; you might as well give in,” clash with OK Go’s up-beat, poppy sound to bring about songs that vaguely resemble those of Franz Ferdinand, which comes as no surprise as they now share the same producer.

OK Go’s previous album was certainly more original, but less complete than Oh No.

Overall, it is a decent album, but save your cash, buy it used.

– Britten Stark