WEB EXCLUSIVE: Irrational plays its dark, eclectic music at Club Khameleon

Marissa Mikolak

Irrational is a band that’s heading north from Florida to bring its hard-rocking energy to Kent this October.

Irrational is composed of Jason Tropf (vocals/guitar), Garrett Jankowski (bass/second vocals), Andrew Rajala (keyboard/electronics), Aaron Smekal (drums) and Raf Rivera (guitar).

The band’s hard rock sound and darker image are born of a variety of influences such as Nine Inch Nails, Sevendust and Smashing Pumpkins.

“We are generally influenced by music with a thick guitar sound and aggressive yet melodic rock,” Tropf said.

While Irrational’s music style is eclectic, its image is “a Jane’s Addiction kind of style.”

“We all wear the darker colors and eyeliner,” Rivera said. “The image is actually a little darker than the music.”

Those attending the Irrational show can expect to hear a wide range of music style.

“The show is gonna be pretty loud, epic rock, but we still have our ballads,” Jankowski said. “We have energetic spurts at times and other times our music is real melodic.”

Irrational’s show includes songs from its first CD, Anomaly, new songs and quite a bit of crowd interaction.

“We really interact with the crowd,” Smekal said. “We usually crack about 50 jokes on stage and laugh with the crowd.”

They also attempt to get the crowd as physically involved as possible.

“We encourage the fans to mosh and have as much fun as they can without getting kicked out,” Smekal said.

Irrational included Kent in its tour after CD sales were successful in Northeast Ohio.

The band has been selling Anomaly, which was released last year, on the Internet and has been monitoring its sales.

“We have a map and every time a CD is sold, we put a pin in the area where the sale was made,” Jankowski said. “We seem to have a pretty good following in Northeast Ohio.”

The band recorded Anomaly about a year ago.

“Anomaly means a freak of nature,” Tropf said. “It’s a lot like the way we’re all influenced by different artists, which is why the songs are unique.”

Irrational operates from a do-it-yourself standpoint – the tour is self-managed and funded.

“We are grass roots to the nth degree,” Tropf said. “We do all of our own work – it keeps things very real.”

Irrational uses its music to send life-related messages to the crowd.

“We have a song called ‘Revolt’ and it is basically about finding out and sticking to the kind of person you truly are,” Tropf said. “We really attempt to include the crowd into that concept.”

Life issues, both positive and negative, are important to this band.

“Our inspiration has to do with many things,” Jankowski said. “A lot of it is just life in general.”

Irrational plays with Redshift, Audiblethread and Social Zero at Club Khameleon on Oct. 27. There is a $5 cover charge, and guests must be at least 18. Doors will open at 5 p.m. and the show will start at 9 p.m.

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