Ins and outs of job hunting

Joanna Adolph

Future teachers learn how to prepare, look for jobs in unique profession

The job search for those who want to enter the teaching profession is unique when compared with other career fields.

“It’s not obvious where jobs are posted and who the contacts are in school districts,” said Carla Owens, assistant director of Career Services. “In education it could be anyone from a human resources person to the superintendent, assistant superintendent or principal. Each school has its own method for acquiring candidates. There’s just not a lot of consistency so it’s very confusing for a person starting out.”

Helping junior and senior education majors make sense of the process and prepare them for their impending job search was the goal of Education Superstart Saturday, which was held Saturday in the Kiva. The program covered everything from job search tips to preparing for Teacher Interview Day and the latest teacher supply and demand statistics.

“I came basically just to get the vital information for resumes and a job search,” said Kimberly Kelemen, senior integrated science major. “I wanted to keep up with the timeline of events for the job search. It’s a lot of information to take in, but it’s very helpful.”

In Ohio, education graduates can expect a competitive market, Owens said. The economy, cuts in state funding and strict licensure requirements have made it difficult to staff schools. Early childhood education graduates also will have difficulty finding a job because a teacher surplus exists in this area.

“The areas that aren’t challenging to find a job in are math, science, special education and possibly foreign languages,” Owens said. “Other than that, (graduates) have to be prepared to relocate, even out of state – especially for physical education, health, art and early childhood education.”

The Education Superstart program also focused on preparing resumes and honing interview techniques for Teacher Interview Day, March 15, when in and out-of-state schools come to Kent State to interview candidates for open teaching positions.

“These are real interviews for real positions at Teacher Interview Day,” Owens said. “Many people have gotten jobs there.”

This will be the first year only one Teacher Interview Day is held, Owens said. The lower demand for teachers and staff reductions at the Career Services Center are the reasons a second event will not be held.

“It’s important that everyone’s well prepared, so they don’t miss the March event,” Owens said. “In the past, if they missed the one in March they still had the one in April to fall back on, but this year they don’t have that.”

Although there will not be a second Teacher Interview Day, there will still be a second Education Superstart, Saturday, Jan. 28. The Career Services Center kept both Education Superstart Saturday dates because a number of students graduate in the fall as well as the spring, Owens said.

“This way we give equal opportunity for both groups of students,” Owens said. “We also recognize not every time is convenient for students, so we give them an option.”

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