Redwalls offer something for everyone

Nicholas DiSabatino

Whoever claims the throne to the rock dynasty, beware – The Redwalls are here to steal it from you.

Hailing from Chicago, the four-piece group has a melodic pop/punk sound reminiscent of Paul McCarthy and David Bowie.

Influenced by the sounds of Elvis, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Beatles and Hank Williams, the group’s harmonic sound resonates through their songs, producing a sound that cannot be classified into one exact genre.

And that’s what makes The Redwalls’ second album so great. They defy the typical stereotype that a group needs to fulfill a certain niche. The Redwalls have a sound that’s all their own.

Once known as The Pages, the group later changed its name just before coming out with its first album, Universal Blues, from Undertow Records.

The new album, De Nova, provides listeners with a wide range of songs that combine rock, punk, alternative and pop all into one. The Redwalls delight listeners on their first track, “Robinson Crusoe,” a catchy, jumping tune that’ll move anyone to their feet.

“Falling Down,” a more subtle yet politically inspired song, got me laughing as I listened to the words. The group tells listeners of its opinion of the FCC, and to say that it’s negative would be an understatement.

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