The right side is the left side

Erin Roof

I can only remember a few events from kindergarten. I can recall my friend Angie peeing her pants, me always hating nap time and being scolded by my teacher for talking during class. But my favorite memory from that year was rooted in one of my first experiences with conflict.

One day after recess, a vicious argument erupted between two of my classmates, Brice and Justin. I have yet to see paralleled heat and sheer brutality of debate in all my years of subsequent squabbling. It went something like this:

“Brice, the Teenage Mutant Turtles are the coolest superheroes ever,” Justin said.

“No they’re not!” Brice quickly retorted. “Batman is tougher! Duh!”

“No he’s not!” Justin screamed as shoving ensued.

“Yes he is!”

This is as far as the debate got before Mrs. Smith broke up the fight.

But it was too late for me. I was already hooked.

Ever since that infamous verbal battle, I take every opportunity to debate. I always have to have my say. Some call this being a control freak, but I equate it to being an only child.

But, hey, I hope to make a career out of arguing (a.k.a. editorial writing), so I am very thankful for my piss and vinegar.

It is hard for me to believe this is my last year (I hope) at Kent State. When I arrived here for my first semester in Fall 2002, while many of you reading this were still in diapers, the world seemed like a much better place. The war in Iraq was still an oil-slick wet dream for Bushy, John Kerry had not yet realized what idiotic, war-mongering dead brains the American voting public really is and Nine Inch Nails had not yet released a crappy new album.

I look fondly on that sweet ignorance. It was a much easier way to live.

I have always held strong progressive beliefs, but it was after the first war-heads of “liberation” crashed into Iraq that I knew I had to put my power in the fight against the vein-sucking conservative coup of our humanity — our MORALITY.

And ever since then I have annoyed a bunch of people at the opposite end of the political spectrum. This makes me happy.

Yes, there are always two sides to every issue, and I am glad to always be on the correct side — the progressive side.

We are perched on the edge of a new age, my friends. The greasy stench of the impending collapse of the GOP is filling the air. The left is watching with pleasure, knowing the right built its own house of cards, but it is our outcry that is causing it to crumble. One more tier falls with every lie Ohio Gov. Bob Taft spills between his lips about his bourgeoisie golf scandal. Jacks and Queens rain like tears with every new flag-draped casket sent home from war.

Progressives’ persistence in arguing and fighting is bringing about this change. But we need new faces, more voices and more passion.

To the veterans of the activist community, welcome back. And to the new folks, take pride in your struggle for justice as we join to work for equality, peace and freedom.

Erin Roof is a senior magazine journalism major and a columnist for the Daily Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].