Five reasons not to skip orientation class

Deanna Stevens

Credit: Beth Rankin

As if core classes and LERs were not enough, all incoming freshmen are required to attend University Orientation class as wel

Although it may be easy to conveniently “feel ill” once a week, it might not be wise.

“It’s so easy. You go do some stuff that isn’t difficult and pass,” said Vince Yannucci, a sophomore video and programing major.“If you don’t go, you fail. It’s the easiest class ever.”

Since college is a huge transition from high school, here are a few reasons why you should avoid skipping orientation class.

First reason: Learning to navigate the university.

Knowing where to go when a problem arises and helping to improve or sharpen study habits are course topics.

“There is really valuable information the instructor or adviser can give. They can give you a better idea of what to expect while at the university,” said Lauren Pronto, academic program coordinator.

Because the class starts before regular classes begin, the program allows freshman to become more acquainted with the university early.

“It’s a really good opportunity to get a better feel of the campus.” said Kristin DeCarlo, a sophomore fashion merchandising major.

Mid-semester, students will have the chance to meet with their orientation advisers and discuss their academic options for the following semester.

A library tour is also part of the class. This tour is used to show students the many facets of the library’s 12 floors.

Second reason: It gives incentive to embrace the college experience.

Orientation forces students to get around campus. This motivation is perfect for those who may be unsure of how to take advantage of all that Kent State has to offer.

Orientation instructors introduce students to extracurricular organizations, clubs and services on campus as well as requiring students to get information about them.

“They gave us a really good tour of the campus,” said Gretchen Hluch, a graduate student.“They also introduced us to services like the Writing Center which was great. It was helpful because it gave a lot of information about my major as well.”

Third reason: Meeting people with common interests.

Meeting new people is a part of going to college. Because that skill is easier for some than it is for others, it is nice to have a place where everyone has at least one thing in common.

“My class was full of music majors, so it was nice to get to know people in my major,” said Vera Smith, a sophomore vocal performance major.

Orientation is divided into colleges, then into majors so everyone in a particular class is at least in the same college, meaning students probably share a class with at least one person.

Having the same people in multiple classes makes it easier to make new friends, or at least find someone to borrow notes from when in need.

Fourth reason: Those who love or hate it, can teach it.

Orientation instructors must have completed the course before they can apply. Thinking long-term, teaching a class looks great on resumes, especially if you are an education major.

“I got quite a lot out of the experience,” said Michael Vaughn, a senior English major. “At the time I was an education major so it really helped with my leadership and public speaking skills. Also, it was a huge confidence boost to be able to put on a program and watch everything come together.”

Instructors work closely with advisers within the college, which could also come in handy later on.

Fifth reason: The class is required to graduate!

This is the most important reason not to skip orientation. Kent State will not let you leave until you complete this class. So you might as well get it over with as soon as possible and while you are able to really appreciate the information.

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