Spring: skin, skirts, shorts and sex

Sarika Jagtiani

Hormones make students horny this time of season

Credit: Andrew popik

It’s spring.

It’s the end of the semester.

I should be fretting over my thesis, final projects and what not, but lately “what not” has included the fabulousness that are a good pair of men’s forearms and the thought of ravaging nearly every man I encounter between the ages of 22 and 35.

It’s just that time of year, or at least that’s what I’m starting to think.

My friend Shayla is having the same issues, but for her it’s even more startling.

Shayla, who practically blushes at the thought of kissing the object of her infatuation, attacked me in the hall the other day, shaking me and blurting, “If I don’t make out with someone soon, I’m going to freak out!”

What is it about this time of year that turns students into sexaholics? Well, more adamant sexaholics than usual.

According to my old friend Lily, spring is break-up season.

“People are cooped up all winter long, loving the one they’re with because it’s too cold to find another,” she said. “Spring rolls around, girls start showing skin, you start going out more, and vaboom….Spring fling, Summer love. Also, the whole drinking outside on a balmy night just screams ‘take me now.’”

Ah, drinking outside. Good times. Good time to pick up a man with good forearms, too.

But back to the point.

It’s been a long winter. So long it seeped into spring last weekend and buried us in mass amounts of snow. So now that it’s nice out, people are raring to get out and go a little crazy.

And with craziness comes the scantily clad. It’s tank-top-and-short-skirt season for the ladies, fitted T-shirts and flip-flops for the guys. It makes us loopy this time of year, probably because the most skin we’ve seen from October to March were patches peeking out from under scarves and above gloves.

Add the fact that it’s the end of another arduous semester and you have a recipe for the great hormone surge of spring ’05. For some it’s the end of their college careers, and it is crucial to the mix.

Final papers, final exams and final good-byes can be stressful. Sex can be a great stress reliever, so that could definitely factor into the recipe for springtime sex.

Some are going back to live at home, the land of celibacy and overprotective parents. This is impetus enough for anyone to catch the make-out bug.

There’s also something about saying good-bye that makes for delicious flirtations.

Think about it: You’ve been in school. You’ve had your eye on someone for a month/semester/year — and now it’s time to make your move. You’re probably not going to see them for a summer, maybe longer, so if you humiliate yourself by hitting on them, you’ll have time to recover before seeing them. And if things go well, you will have fulfilled your fantasy and might even see them again.

For seniors, good-bye hook-ups are even more relevant.

If a senior’s kicking himself for ignoring that girl he sat next to in class all semester, here’s his chance to change that. If a senior thinks she’s been so focused on school that she’s ignored the adorable men roaming around campus, it’s time to molest at will.

College may be the last time you allow yourself to do potentially embarrassing things, such as drunkenly making out in the bathroom of the Loft, so live it up while you’re surrounded by others who won’t judge, but will pucker up.

Sarika Jagtiani is a graduate student in journalism and the Daily Kent Stater sex columnist. Contact her at [email protected].